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An epicurean at heart, only Amanda’s robust laugh matches her big appetite for Montreal’s culinary and cultural treats—not to mention a good dance party! To bring some balance to la dolce vita, this local English professor enjoys practicing yoga, hiking up the mountain, and exploring the city for healthy hot-spots.


Age: 33 

Occupation: English professor

Passions: teaching, great literature, storytelling, cultivating friendships, my family, pottery, running around in the woods, swimming in lakes, food, food, food.

Happy Hour: La Buvette chez Simone, Hotel de la Montage

If I were to redo my wardrobe:  I’d let Montreal designers dress me! Love the clothes from boutiques like Unicorn, General 54, Atelier B, Lola and Emily.  Anthropologie always has great dresses, too.

I deal with stress by: watching a funny show, yoga, long walks, and if these fail, a few drinks

My favourite Yoga Studio: Moksha Yoga

My favourite Spa: I’m an English teacher. I can’t afford spas.

My favourite Gym: YMCA du Parc (I love Goodlife, but there aren’t many in Quebec!)

My favourite beauty salon: Aveeda, because their products are largely natural and they smell amazing!

I always drink: whiskey or wine

A habit that drives my friends crazy:  I laugh a LITTLE too loudly sometimes!

I’d take off to: a cottage deep in the woods at the edge of a fresh water lake

My beauty essentials: moisturizer, black mascara, red lipstick

In my ears: I like all sorts of music—from Dolly Parton to AC / DC to Alecia Keys—Louis Armstrong is what I listen to if I’m blue because he always cheers me up

On my TV: HBO programs and classic comedy (usually with strong leading ladies) like the Honeymooners or All in the Family

A perfect night out: Dinner and good conversation with friends

On my Nailz: au naturel

Addicted to: Eating. And checking my email. I do both more often than necessary.

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