Former ballerina and infamous party girl, Marie has now settled down, somewhat at the ripe age of… 31. Full-time land lady, online English prof and Mama to our mini-zurbaine, Maggie it’s a miracle that she finds the time to write for Zurbaines! Armed with her power tools, blackberry and laptop, this Do-it-yourself Zurbaine ends her day with a bed time story (for Maggie) and a glass of wine for herself!


Age: 31

Occupation: entrepreneur

Passions: hanging out with my daughter, renovating, reading

Happy hour: Hotel de la Montagne

If I were to redo my wardrobe: I would need a lot of help, but when I have time, I like to shop at Katrin Leblond & Onze

I deal with stress by: crossing things off my list

My favourite Spa: Spa Savanna

My favourite Gym: never been to a gym.

My favourite beauty salon: Matis bar esthétique

I always drink: wine, port

A habit thats drives my friends crazy: always trying to pay

I’d take off to: Amsterdam

My beauty essentials: Moroccan hair oil

In my ears: mostly classical

On my TV: don’t own one

A perfect night out: dinner out with my best female friends

On my nailz: just buffed

Addicted to: chocolate, coffee, and renovations