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Mayssam would go to the ends of the earth (and has) to quench a culinary craving! Definitely not a food snob, you will find her in any type of eating establishment from the smallest hole-in-the-wall to the most acclaimed restos. Known also for her familiarity (i.e. obsession) with Michelin-starred chefs, Mayssam has posed with la crème de la crème for many a snapshot. Her collection of cookbooks would put any self-proclaimed foodie to shame.


Age: 39

Occupation: Project Manager and Food Community Manager

Passions: Travel, food and hanging out with my cats

Happy Hour: Any sunny terrasse will do

If I were to redo my wardrobe

: H&M/Old Navy/Forever 21/Adam & Eve

I deal with stress with: My cats’ purr

My favourite Spa: Nomade

My favourite Gym: What’s a gym?? :)

My favourite beauty salon: Salon Sweet William

I always drink: lattés, water, wine

A habit that drives my friends crazy: I don’t have any bad habits!

I’d take of to: New York, it’s my second home and a constant source of inspiration

My beauty essentials: I only shampoo my hair once a week but I rinse and condition every day

In my ears: Massive Attack/Leonard Cohen/Nick Cave/Gorillaz

On my TV: Dexter/Big Bang Theory/Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones/Anthony Bourdain

Perfect night out

: Good food + good wine + good friends = a great evening!

On my Nailz: OPI Malaga Wine

Addicted to: coffee/granola/chocolat