Christina Hendricks eat your heart out, we have our own 60’s vintage, Stephanie! We swear she was born in the wrong era because she easily personifies the 60’s or 70’s, depending on her mood. A practiced and meticulous second-hand shopper, Steph is often scouring the stores for vintage treasures or she’s wearing them at any number of the music festivals she’s equally passionate about.


Age: 27

Occupation: Community Manager, Blogger 

Passions: renos

If I were to redo my wardrobe: second hand shops, Value Village, H&M, Urban Outfitters & Winners

I deal with stress by: exploring blogs, browsing flea markets, listening to music

My favourite yoga studio: I’m too much of a stress-pot to do yoga

My favourite spa: Polar Bear Club in Piedmont

My favourite beauty salon: I still haven’t found a salon that I totally trust

I always drink: Black Velvet, orange juice or coffee

A habit that drives my friends crazy: I’m always playing with my hair

In my ears: Bright Eyes, Kanye West

On my TV: Dexter