Sechseläuten Festival

Celebrating the end of winter in 1991 and 2014

The weekend following my 18th birthday, I moved to Switzerland to start my adventure as a jeune fille Au Pair. I spent 14 months in Zurich with the Späh family looking after their first born. The time I spent with the Spähs was a cultural, linguistic and gastronomic experience. They encouraged me to participate in…Read article >>

Happening Gourmand

The best time of year to eat out in Old Montreal

The 7th annual Happening Gourmand, organized by the Experience Old Montreal group launched Wednesday night with a media tasting at Suite 701. I was invited and happy to accept since it’s a great way to try a dish from each of the 8 restaurants that are offering a menu at an affordable price from January…Read article >>

On losing a pet

Saying goodbye to Mac

A recent radio program stated that psychologists believe it is detrimental to humans to treat our pets as we would our children. A little voice inside my head said “perhaps,” but when you can’t have children and you substitute that need with a pet, you accept that the loss of said pet will likely hit…Read article >>