On Why September in Montreal is a Foodie’s Christmas

Two not-to-be-missed events for foodies

I love everything about September, and this year is proving me right more than ever. Beautiful, crisp weather. An abundance of fresh produce at the market. That smell in the air – Those things alone are usually enough to make September my favourite month of the year. But this year, like the proverbial cherry on…Read article >>


Little Italy’s latest eatery

When I first heard about Impasto, my ears perked up. Yours would have too, considering how perfect the project sounded: Michele Forgione and Stefano Faita, two notorious figures for Montreal foodies, were joining forces to open a restaurant that would honour their Italian heritage. The decor would be created by Zebulon Perron, another favourite of…Read article >>

Van Horne Restaurant

Guilt-free gourmet cuisine

Van Horne recently celebrated its second anniversary and I was delighted to try their latest cuisine prepared by recently-hired chef, John Winter Russell. I was already familiar with Van Horne as I had the occasion of dining at their tiny bar while on a photo assignment for a Toronto lifestyle magazine. My meal was impressive…Read article >>