On Infertility: The status we don’t share on Facebook

After five years of failed fertility treatments, I cry “Uncle!”

Photo 1: No baby in there! (Just bloating and bruising)  Photo 2: Cover of my Quebec fertility kit When I was younger, I would often say that when I had kids, I wanted to have a girl first and then a boy. Silly me! Little did I know that I would go through five years of…Read article >>

One pool. One fence.

Protecting our children by making swimming pools safer

Watching the Olympics makes any mom want to see their children excel in sports and in life in general. From the high diving board to the freestyle swimming heats to the rowing races, there are so many different water sports for our children to choose from. However, in Quebec it seems as though the water…Read article >>

G’ymagine: A family activity centre close to downtown

New urban kids’ gym offers something for every little one

When I lived in Westmount finding activities for my daughter nearby was not the simplest task. I was lucky enough to be within proximity to the YMCA and NDG-based activity centres, but still I heard complaints from moms and dads in the downtown core, Atwater Market area and Old Montreal about the lack of indoor…Read article >>