Nespresso Kazaar

My current coffee fave

For years, my favourite Nespresso coffee was Arpeggio, an intense and creamy espresso (a 9 on the Nespresso intensity scale). Yet, since becoming a Nespresso ambassador, I’ve tried many of their other coffees and now I’m completely obsessed with their Kazaar blend. Kazaar is part of the Intenso coffee range from Nespresso (and it’s a…Read article >>


The perfect after-dinner cocktail

Without a doubt, an espresso martini is one of my faves. Since I adore my Nespresso, of course I make my espresso martinis with shots of Nespresso coffee! I like to serve this cocktail to my guests after dinner as a digestif. Below is my version of an espresso martini that works as a pick-me-up…Read article >>

(Français) Une nouvelle ambassadrice pour Nespresso

(Français) Carrie va tester pour vous des produits Nespresso