The perfect after-dinner cocktail

Without a doubt, an espresso martini is one of my faves. Since I adore my Nespresso, of course I make my espresso martinis with shots of Nespresso coffee! I like to serve this cocktail to my guests after dinner as a digestif. Below is my version of an espresso martini that works as a pick-me-up…Read article >>

Eat healthy at home with MissFresh

Make your own wholesome meals without stress

When SodaStream Canada asked if I would like to try a convenient healthy food delivery service to help simplify my life – of course I said yes. For the past month, I received fresh ingredients and easy-to-prepare recipes for 3 meals a week. I had just moved into my new home so the MissFresh meals…Read article >>

(Français) La chambre verte par Martine Desjardins

(Français) L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur