Chapeau mont Royal

Sophisticated and gourmet benefit lunch for Les amis de la montagne

Calling all Ladies (and Gents) who lunch in style…and care about our majestic mountain…do I have an event for you! Fashioned after the famous “hat luncheon” (officially, the Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon) in New York’s Central Park, Les amis de la montagne are launching the first Chapeau mont Royal in the historic Chalet du…Read article >>

National Donate Your Hair Day

Cut your hair – Show you care

A new haircut always makes me feel like a new woman, so I can only imagine the feeling a woman must get when she donates her hair to a charity that makes real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair through their battle with cancer. Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program has been collecting healthy lengths…Read article >>

Spa Week

Treat yourself to some of Montreal’s finest spas

While some Montrealers are choosing the restaurants they will dine at during Taste MTL (Montreal’s restaurant week, Nov 1 – 11), I’m happily shopping for my next spa treatment as part of Montreal’s first Spa Week by From October 15 – 21, Montrealers can enjoy a number of types of full treatments, for only…Read article >>