National Donate Your Hair Day

Cut your hair – Show you care

A new haircut always makes me feel like a new woman, so I can only imagine the feeling a woman must get when she donates her hair to a charity that makes real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair through their battle with cancer. Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program has been collecting healthy lengths…Read article >>

Spa Week

Treat yourself to some of Montreal’s finest spas

While some Montrealers are choosing the restaurants they will dine at during Taste MTL (Montreal’s restaurant week, Nov 1 – 11), I’m happily shopping for my next spa treatment as part of Montreal’s first Spa Week by From October 15 – 21, Montrealers can enjoy a number of types of full treatments, for only…Read article >>

Juna Yoga | Om-my-God!

From stress to bliss in three incredible days

Living a balanced life is not a simple task, it takes planning and commitment to take the time to unwind and release stress – time that so many of us can’t seem to find. That’s why I was so happy to accept an invitation to try a three-day yoga retreat in Tremblant with Juna Yoga….Read article >>