Juna Yoga | Om-my-God!

From stress to bliss in three incredible days

Living a balanced life is not a simple task, it takes planning and commitment to take the time to unwind and release stress – time that so many of us can’t seem to find. That’s why I was so happy to accept an invitation to try a three-day yoga retreat in Tremblant with Juna Yoga….Read article >>

Banque Scotia 5k de Montréal

Running for charity, but also for peace and freedom

Most runners will probably agree that in the past week, when we lace up, we can’t help but experience a humble and silent moment for the many runners and bystanders who were at the Boston marathon. Although we were all deeply saddened by the tragedy, it’s become an incredible motivator and inspiration for even the…Read article >>

Six new scents for spring

A perfume for every personality

When spring comes around we love to trade in our winter wardrobe for lighter and more colourful garments. I like to do the same with my perfume collection. The moodier and muskier fragrances get moved to the back of my vanity like pieces on a chessboard to make way for more cheerful scents. Whether I’m…Read article >>