Miami and the Florida Keys in style!

Discover my top spots in Miami and the Florida Keys

Miami’s blue skies, sunny beaches and palm trees are calling! Its canals and sumptuous hotels make for a dreamy getaway. If you’re a fan of CSI Miami, you can almost hear Roger Daltrey screaming when you set foot in the Miami International Airport. Yeaaaah! Since the roaring 20s, Miami has welcomed designers and developers who…Read article >>

(Français) À la découverte du Mont-Tremblant gastronomique

Deux restaurants, deux univers


Dominican Republic

Three tropical resorts to choose from

I never thought I’d find myself at an all-inclusive resort. The concept had just never appealed to me, but then I was invited to stay at three different resorts (one being upscale and not all-inclusive) during a week-long golf press trip to the Dominican Republic. I’ve only recently taken up golf, thanks to my slightly golf-obsessed…Read article >>