A few weeks ago I got that mid summer cold when the mix of air conditioning and hot weather wreaks havoc on your sinuses. My solution was to stock up on fluids, namely tea. As my daughter watched me boil the water, steep the tea and sip on a steaming hot cup, she kept asking to try a sip. By the end of my cold I was making my daughter her own cup of tea using herbal teas and a lot of milk. You can imagine how delighted I was when I heard that DAVIDsTEA had just launched a line of children’s teas. My daughter and I headed off to the Westmount store where she was so happy to receive her very own iced watermelon tea and accompanying kids’ stickers.

With three fun flavours to choose from, Montreal kids can head to one of  the city’s seven DAVIDsTEA stores to sample this new collection. Packaged in colourful boxes featuring illustrated characters, the flavours include Goji Pop, Swampwater and Luscious Watermelon. Not only are they 100% caffeine-free and a great way to keep hydrated throughout the summer, but they are also full of yummy ingredients like rooibos and goji berries. The teas are sold separately ($6.50/50g) and can be served hot or cold at home.

Since spills are always a concern when it comes to kids’ beverages, DAVIDsTEA has also created a leak-proof mug ($14.50). This BPA-free travel mug is both cute and durable, and best of all, when I bought the adult version ($9.50) for myself I learned that I could fill it up with the tea of the day for just $1 all summer long. Now my daughter has her fun flavours and leak-proof mug and I’ve got the added perk of a deal that is almost too good to be true.

Maybe that summer cold was worth it now that we’re both feeling completely refreshed.

Lauren, guest zurbaine

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