Mini-Zurbaine, Maggie led the charge into the largest tent in the world. Housing Cavalia’s new incarnation, Odysséo, this tent is instantly charged with the singular magic of horse and human performing together. The producer has pointed out that the allure of horses is that they are both at once domestic and wild. This struck me as something that could be said of a toddler as well. The slowly burgeoning social skills of three-and-a-half year old Maggie certainly made me consider the possibility that a long spectacle like Odysséo would be too much. However, watching her entranced mixture of awe and merriment, her participation with the songs of both the African acrobat-musician group and the beautiful, live score, and her unflagging attention throughout the show proved that she is the perfect age — and her age a perfect elixir for me to re-enter the magic zone so readily inhabited by the vertically challenged.

Magdali was certainly astounded by the trainers standing atop prancing, jumping horse pairs, impressed by the relationship between trainers directing groups of unbridled horses, touched by the riders and horses sleeping together at the second half’s opening, certain that she could swing through the air during the silk acrobatics, and enlivened by the horses galloping through the lake at the end. Yes, a lake…on a stage. How else could a performance populated by 69 horses end?

Maggie will certainly be dreaming of this for some time to come: upon waking the next morning, she promptly introduced her new, stuffed Appaloosa horse “Tonnerre,” named for a stunning animal she met after the show, to her dolls and bears in an inspired dance to the lively tunes of Flûte de flûte, Victor.

There is only one week left for Odysséo in Laval, with matinees on Saturday and Sunday.
Tickets are $70-$205.
Call 866-999-8111 or visit

5100, rue Hutchison,
bureau 300
Montreal, Quebec

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