Watching the Olympics makes any mom want to see their children excel in sports and in life in general. From the high diving board to the freestyle swimming heats to the rowing races, there are so many different water sports for our children to choose from. However, in Quebec it seems as though the water isn’t just a place for sports and fun, but also for rather scary news. The numerous reports of drownings are all too frightening. Whether or not you have a backyard pool, visit a public pool or head over to a friend’s pool, a secure space is critical. Based on what I’ve read it seems like most of the fatalities occur when it’s not even swimming time, but rather when a child wanders off to an unsecured pool.

These tragedies have recently prompted the Laurentian Bank to offer their One pool. One fence. program, an interest-free personal loan (of up to $5000) for the installation of fences around private pools. With these loans, the bank is hoping to make 500 pools in the province safer this summer, and for summers to come.

Back in 2010, the government revised the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act to include mandatory fences around pools purchased and installed that year. Unfortunately, plenty of pools built before that date are still unsecured. The Laurentian Bank’s plan is an opportunity for anyone with an unfenced pool area to update and secure it.

Even if our kids never compete in the Olympics, at least they’ll still be around to enjoy watching them.

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