I have come upon a wonderful invention for urban parents living in a wintery clime. No, not a vacation to Cuba. For a moment, the thought of Cuba makes me reconsider the tribute paid to my daughter’s new transport. Until I recall all of the long mornings and evenings and weekends ahead. I remember the snow, the ice, the plough drifts, the stroller wheels snow-locked, my favourite small person cold and cranky, and myself sweaty, exhausted and frustrated. Given the choice, I would choose, over Cuba, my new Snow Stroller by Sanki.

The first, un-predicted storm of the season saw us struggling home with our 3-wheeled, urban-friendly stroller in double the usual time. I cannot be the only parent who cursed the elements and, more probably, their stroller that night. The next morning greeted us with unploughed, unshoveled banks of snow and more incoming. Momentarily, I missed our old plastic sled, even though it gave me a sore shoulder, had to be discarded after only one year, and kept the little butterball close to car exhaust. Magdali was ready for action. Upon quick receipt of the box, she had immediately commandeered it as her living room chair while awaiting the first snow. So she was prepared to settle into the padded seat, and do up the three-point safety harness, zipping her feet into the lined foot muff. With a gentle push, the chair glided away. We went faster than traffic that morning. We laughed our way over the snow banks. With amazing handling and the ability to easily turn it around to pull it backwards across ploughed streets, the only thing that slows us down are the passerby who stop us to remark upon this work of genius.

Sanki’s Snow Stroller, available at sanki.ca in five different, vibrantly-coloured models (including a twin), takes the work out of those days when many people wish they didn’t even own a car. It folds compactly and easily. Made of lightweight, stainless steel tubing, it will last far longer than a sled even as it keeps the occupant elevated above car fumes (my Deluxe Plus model can recline for naps). And they are tested up to 110 1bs! I’m a smallish, curious person, so trust that I tried this out. If I forgo all accoutrements and find someone willing to push, this smooth ride can get even me home from a night out!