Summertime presents a woman with a tough paradox: it’s the season in which we  sport our flimsiest outfits and work hard for bikini bodies, and at the same time, we celebrate the hot weather and long days with constant feasting, drinking, and socializing. Skinnygirl Margarita – a ready-to-drink, calorie-conscious cocktail, presents an easy solution to the problem of how to have fun and stay slim.  

Introduced by Bethenny Frankel, a celebrity chef and reality show veteran of Real Housewives fame, this margarita packs a lean 110 calories per serving and costs only $15.95 a bottle. What’s the secret? Well, there are no unnecessary additives, and it is only slightly sweetened with agave nectar. Moreover, Skinnygirl doesn’t have an overwhelming flavour of tequila; in fact, it’s very light on the palette (though it’s made with Premium Blue Agave Tequila) making it the perfect refreshment for hot summer days and nights.  I would recommend pouring it in a blender and mixing it with crushed ice before serving. 

Grab a bottle from your local SAQ and enjoy a guiltless taste of the Southwest in your own Northern backyard!

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