Montreal has never had a lack of great vintage stores in its midst but last summer the city’s stock got a huge upgrade in the form of a little shop in the Mile End, one that is now the Montreal girl’s go-to place for quality vintage: Citizen Vintage on Saint Laurent. Owned and operated by three women with a sharp eye and talent for picking unique pieces, Brooke Doyle, Lara Kaluza and Becky Emlaw, Citizen Vintage was founded after a series of successful vintage pop-up shops, and quickly became a favourite of the city’s fashion lovers shortly after opening its doors. 

With a mix of hand-picked clothing, shoes and accessories, both timeless and trendy, Citizen Vintage is unlike any other vintage store in the city, in my completely subjective opinion. Doyle, Kaluza and Emlaw blog and shoot their own editorial content and occasionally open the shop to more than just fashion, hosting live music shows and artist vernissages. They also stock Worn Fashion Journal, which, if you don’t know, is a brilliant independently-run magazine that covers fashion history, fashion theory and fashion’s significance in life in general (and if you didn’t know, you’re welcome, it’s fantastic). With their involvement in the vintage community and support of other stores in the city, plus their knowledge of and passion for their product, the women of Citizen Vintage are reinvigorating the industry, getting people interested in and loving vintage in fresh and current ways.

Zurbaine tip: Head to the shop to find the perfect festival outfit for this weekend’s much anticipated music fest: OSHEAGA

For more info and a look at some of the items they currently have in store, check out their blog:

Lindsay, guest zurbaine

Citizen Vintage
5330, Saint-Laurent

Mon–Wed, 11am to 6pm
Thurs–Fri, 11am to 7pm
Sat–Sun, 11am to 5pm

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