For the past few seasons even the most fashionable ladies have been stealing clothes from their boyfriend’s/brother’s/father’s closet (guilty!) Boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts are all quite “in”, but aren’t we getting a little tired of constantly borrowing everything from the boys? To top it off, we’ve let our guys take center stage at Montreal’s Off The Hook shop for far too long. Fear not ladies, the tide has turned in our favour and since last fall we have our very own floor! We too can enjoy the amazing shopping experience that the store is renowned for due to its 40-odd labels, in-store DJs and friendly/stylish staff. The new urban women’s upperground part of the shop is the perfect mix of laid-back and hip.
Shop owners Harry Drakopoulos and Angelo Destounis are in tune with Montrealers’ fashion needs and wants. They offer some of the best and most stylish urban clothing brands such as Vans, Lifetime (a new favourite of mine), Cheap Monday, RVCA and WESC alongside a variety of others. My personal can’t-miss part of the store is without a doubt the to-die-for accessories section. Imagine some of the best jewellery designers concentrated in one place. It’s a good thing I have a shred of self-control otherwise I’d leave the shop with bracelets up to my armpits and my hands weighed down with a ton of rings. With brands like Uranium and Vanessa Moore, Off The Hook is the perfect place to rely on if you want to add a finishing touch to any outfit. But be forewarned that you might just end up buying a whole new outfit!

Discovery and originality are the two main adjectives that pop into mind when I think about the store as they are renowned for bringing the best upcoming labels to the city. This past fall, they were the first to offer Osborn shoes which were an instant hit because of their comfortable style (no heels!!) and trendy prints (Aztec, stripes and floral). I have to admit that I am quite excited to see what their next ”it” brand will be.   

Insider’s tip: to see some urban OTH looks, check out their Tumblr for daily style inspirations and be the first to discover the latest additions to the shop’s inventory.

Off The Hook

1021 St-Catherine Street West
(514) 499-1021

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