If you’re anything like me, a watch is so much more than a simple timepiece. It’s more of a perfect accessory, but one that also serves a very useful purpose. I own more than a dozen watches, and every day it’s an effort to figure out which one will suit me best for how I’m feeling. And with the arrival of the new Rainbow Watches, it’s going to be even more of a challenge!

Rainbow Watches, from Montreal company Folio Object, offer up bright, bold and playful watches that you can make your own. The watch comes in nine different colors (I of course went for the most Zurbaines-like colors on offer: Diablo Red and Flaming Orange), each with interchangeable wristbands and faces that can mixed and matched to fit any of your moods or styles.

If you actually went for all nine colors, you’d have 81 different looks to choose from. But simply owning two is a great place to start, because it ends up giving you four different watches! A single watch retails for $25.50, or you can pick them up in sets of three ($65), five ($100) or the full nine ($170). Rainbow Watches can be purchased at Industrie (1024 Mont-Royal Ave. East) or online.

Rainbow Watches

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