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Crate & Barrel arrives in Montreal

Home decor galore!

My kitchen is the centre of my home. It’s the place where friends and family gather to eat, sip and chat, and I like to keep it stocked with an assortment of fresh goods. I love to head to the farmers’ market to fill our fridge, pantry and fruit bowls with the season’s best. Shouldn’t…Read article >>

Sephora Headquarters: The New Downtown Beauty Mecca Beckons

All our fave beauty products in one fabulous place

Finally, we’ve been blessed with our very own Sephora in our city’s centre! After years of hitting the Sephora stores in Paris, NYC and Pointe-Claire (insert frustrated look here), today marked the grand opening of the new downtown location (insert thousands of happy faces here!) Unlike any other Sephora in the world, Montreal’s headquarter store…Read article >>

Off The Hook

An OTH girl is just one of the boys

For the past few seasons even the most fashionable ladies have been stealing clothes from their boyfriend’s/brother’s/father’s closet (guilty!) Boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts are all quite “in”, but aren’t we getting a little tired of constantly borrowing everything from the boys? To top it off, we’ve let our guys take center stage…Read article >>