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Les Printemps du MAC: Manipulations

One chic fundraiser for contemporary art lovers

Where else can you drink champagne, nosh on canapés, listen to great dj beats and admire amazing contemporary art? In Montréal, it’s during Les Printemps du MAC – the annual fundraiser for the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. And it’s this Friday, April 20th, starting at 9pm. Tickets are still available here for $150 each….Read article >>

Rainbow Watches

A colorful sense of time!

If you’re anything like me, a watch is so much more than a simple timepiece. It’s more of a perfect accessory, but one that also serves a very useful purpose. I own more than a dozen watches, and every day it’s an effort to figure out which one will suit me best for how I’m…Read article >>

Les Grands Ballets

The 2011-12 season of the Les Grands Ballets has already been too memorable to be forgotten. The first two performances of the season, Claudel/Rodin and The Nutcracker, were both spectacular for different reasons. As both a former ballet dancer and student of art history and women’s studies, Rodin/Claudel vividly depicts the life and sculpture of…Read article >>

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