A new accessory has become as ubiquitous in Montreal as the winter parka—the yoga mat. That Montrealers can be spotted jaunting about town with a rolled up piece of foam is a telling sign that more people are reaping the mental and physical health benefits of yoga. To meet the demand for this widely celebrated practice, yoga studios are blossoming in this city like so many lotus flowers. Apprehensive beginners and experienced yogis alike might wonder where they’d be most comfortable settling into a downward dog, not to mention what type of yoga best suits their needs. With Passport to Prana, you can have your challenging and calming yoga, too!

Passport to Prana is the chance to try out as many participating local studios within 30 days for only $30.00. Your yoga adventure begins by simply purchasing a card online or at a participating yoga studio. Once you activate your card, you can plan which studios to visit by easily accessing class times and maps through the Passport to Prana site. You can even create your own yoga schedule to keep you motivated and to track where you’ve been. Though you are limited to one class per studio, this is still an unbeatable deal with over thirty different yoga spots in the Montreal area.

On my own quest for the perfect yoga studio, I challenged myself with a heated practice at Moksha Yoga, St. Laurent. I love everything about this studio: the space is bright; the practice rooms are naturally lit with views of the mountain; the teachers are warm; and there is a welcoming sitting area where you can relax after an invigorating session with a refreshing orange and tea, compliments of the studio. One of the key benefits of hot yoga is that it loosens up muscles and allows for extra flexibility. I love it because you sweat out your body’s nasty toxins and it feels especially cleansing. Bikram Yoga is another form of hot yoga; I found it a bit too intense for my taste, but I’m certain there are some hard-core type A folk who would love it! My runner-up studio was Centre Luna Yoga in Old Montreal. I opted for an evening Ashtanga class to help me unwind after a long day of teaching. With candles, live music, and a dynamic series of flows, I left feeling simultaneously energized and relaxed, and eager to return to survey other classes.

If you’re looking to shake up your usual exercise routine by experimenting with different kinds of yoga, or if you’re just starting out and need to find which practice suits you best, Passport to Prana is your perfect option. It’s also a fantastic way to meet other students and talented teachers across the city. So grab your yoga mat and join Montreal’s flocks of yoga lovers. Namaste!

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