For two weeks now I’ve been walking on air! Before, I noticed my feet every day, not for what they looked like but for how they felt. My 10 years as a ballet dancer, I believe, is the cause of what feels like course-grained sand imbedded into the bottoms of my feet, making walking annoying or even agonizing. I’ve tried to remove these painful protrusions  in the shower with a callus remover and have had some excellent podiatrist-recommended pedicures, leaving me relieved for a couple of days, maybe even a week. But my feet still often feel 100 years old. After a recent botched salon pedicure, I decided to try something new. I thought that a private pedicure might help me to better communicate my foot issues. And so I found the Pédicure Shop and Geneviève Gingras Létourneau, a therapeutic pedicure specialist, who owns, operates, and also renovated (!) the welcoming shop on Rachel in between St. Laurent and St. Denis.

Geneviève explained to me how she had decided to further her education in cosmetology by specializing in the therapeutic relief of foot ailments as she carefully examined my feet. She knew what to do about my pebbles right away. My anxieties about my feet quickly turned to contented relaxation from the Spa Pedicure followed by an S.O.S. treatment with an electric, delicate hand drill. With a very fine-pointed bit, Geneviève went straight to the root of my pebbles, which are actually shaped like cones! No wonder the sloughing and grinding and picking didn’t work!

Geneviève’s knowledge and skills in therapeutic foot care combined with her attention to aesthetics take pedicures into the world of holistic foot care, where problem feet are treated and beautified. Our men can also benefit from the privacy the Pédicure Shop provides instead of enduring inquisitive stares from women at a crowded salon.

Manicures are also on the menu at the Pédicure Shop. Why not treat your daughter or a young friend to a mini-mani (15$ for 12 years and under). I certainly have fond memories of doing this with my mother!

Every day I notice how great my feet feel and I’ve received many compliments on how much better they look! I’m a foot therapy convert!

255 Rachel East (between St-Denis & St-Laurent)
Montréal (Québec) H2W 1E5

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