I’m one of those people cursed with ultra-sensitive skin. I always burn, never tan (and let’s not even get into the number of sunscreens that give me rashes!) Most soaps leave me with exceedingly dry skin, and as to my makeup…well, thankfully I’ve finally found a mascara that doesn’t reduce me to tears every time I wear it! I think you get the picture. But here’s the dilemma – I have this challenging complexion, but I still love trying new skin products, just in case they maybe, just maybe will work. They usually don’t, but every now and then I get a pleasant surprise. And that’s exactly what happened when I tried Dermalogica’s new Skinperfect Primer.

Some women are lucky enough that this can be their basic foundation. I’m not quite that fortunate, but with some concealer around the eyes and nose, it’s the perfect next step. Just a few drops cover your entire face and leave it feeling pleasantly smooth and silky, thanks to the product’s silicone content. Add powder, and you’re done. The fact that it’s also got spf 30 sunscreen coverage is just the added bonus. And I know it may sound weird, but it smells really good. What else could a girl ask for?

Dermalogica products are sold in select stores across Montreal. Visit their website for the location nearest you.

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