Rawesome contacted me right before the Expo Manger Santé. They wanted to bring me a cake that was vegan, raw and organic. The cake was also dairy free, egg free, wheat free, soy free, gluten free and “guilt free”, as their website claims. I must admit that I was intrigued however very sceptical. You see, I am a huge dessert lover and pastry maker and I usually like my desserts with butter, eggs, sugar, cream and all the rest of those ingredients that make a cake… a cake. I expected a dry, hard cake but the caramel sensation cake (shown above) that I received blew me away!

It was creamy, luscious and oh so moist! It tasted like the richest of cheesecakes yet has no dairy in it at all! I had to double-check the ingredients to make sure that it was really everything that Rawesome claimed it was. There was no misunderstanding; the ingredient list contained nothing but nuts, dried fruit, agave syrup, coconut oil and other “raw and organic” healthy ingredients.

The Rawesome cakes come in 6 different flavours (see 2nd photo): Lemon Splash, Strawberry Delight, Lime in the Coconut, Pure Chocolate Pleasure, Zesty Chocoranga and Caramel Sensation. They can also make custom cakes with your very own favourite flavours.

So you can have your (vegan, raw and organic) cake and eat it too!

151, Gounod
Montreal, H2R 1A8

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